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Adlington Brook


New-build home with glazed link to barn conversion
Adlington, Cheshire East

Arkhi were appointed in late Spring 2018 to provide additional design services at Adlington Brook, a substantial detached residential project comprising a new build element and link building to provide a connection to the adjacent stable conversion.


The detailed project has undergone several stages of evolution throughout the procurement process, with particular focus on meeting the client’s aspirations for the design of the link building, for which we secured Planning Approval in April 2019.


Externally, Arkhi has worked closely with a landscape designer to develop a site plan that grounds the dwelling back into its rural idyllic context. This has included the design of the site entrance, which has progressed over the past few months in order to reflect the scale and grandeur of the house beyond.


Stage 5 – Manufacturing and Construction.

Adlington Brook
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