bignall end cricket club

New-Build sports facility

Bignall End, Newcastle-under-lyme

Bignall End Cricket Club is located within the Greenbelt area of North Staffordshire and has been established since 1875. We were appointed by the client to design a new-build Sports England compliant Changing Facility.

The design requires the demolition of two dilapidated brick build sheds to make way for the new facility which is designed to cater to the needs of two teams of up to 14 members each.


Key features of the building include a cantilevered Canopy to the principal elevation and a living grass roof. In contrast to the existing buildings on the site, our design is simple and contemporary in appearance allowing the current Cricket Committee to commission a building that is 'of-its-time' - adding to the long history of the Club. 

Stage 7 - In Use