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Rosie nimmo

In 2019, Rosie became a member of Arkhi and brought with her more than ten years of experience from a Manchester city center practice. Her expertise lies in overseeing large-scale mixed-use projects across the country, including London, and securing consent for numerous substantial applications with national and international clients.

Rosie keeps herself up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations by exploring Pinterest, social media, and printed publications. She takes pleasure in producing hand-drawn sketches and excels at creating innovative mixed-use master planning designs. Additionally, she has a talent for harmonising existing and new components in conversion and extension projects.

Recently, Rosie successfully secured planning permission for a sizeable contemporary extension to a Victorian villa in Prestbury, and she spearheaded multiple re-cladding projects for high-rise residential buildings in Manchester.

When at home, Rosie indulges in her passion for gardening and strives to implement sustainable gardening practices such as no-dig gardening, permaculture, and wildlife enhancement.

Architect + Certified Passive House Designer

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