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Katayha Gould

Katayha completed her Masters in Architecture (MArch) at the Manchester School of Architecture with a distinction (First Class) qualification in 2021. Her 6th-year thesis explores ‘An interrogation of classism in the gentrification of Ordsall Riverside, Salford’. Within this she critiqued and redesigned the proposed master plan for Ordsall Riverside by Salford City Council, refocusing on building and improving communities and relationships between mixed-income residents living within a close proximity. The architecture of this project sets out to create personally equitable homes, which maximise the potential for social interaction and empower residents in the belief that quality homes are a right regardless of financial situation or class status.


This year her 6th-year thesis has been featured in ‘The Modern Backdrop: Memories of Salford’ as part of a collection of media that seeks to understand the ways of thinking of architects, planners, and members of the council that led to the demolition of housing and the building of tower blocks.


During her professional career, she has been particularly interested in architecture which is person-focused, and has a keen interest in the social value of architecture and how architecture can be used to develop communities and to improve the lives of the people within them.


Katayha runs a freelance illustration studio where she sells digital prints and custom portraits in her unique style, as well as creating textile patterns for businesses. She is a published illustrator, with a feature in ‘ COVID-19, Inequality and Older People - Everyday Life during the Pandemic‘ and ‘Lily Longnose Finds a Home’ a children's book bringing awareness to the greyhound racing industry.


Publications :

Architectural Assistant +

Certified Passive House Consultant

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