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Bowdon Architect

Bowdon is a village situated within Greater Manchester. Bowdon is regarded as one of the wealthiest areas within Greater Manchester, along with Hale and Hale Barns. Bowdon architects have incorporated a wide variety of styles into the local vernacular which makes it an interesting location to work. Bowdon is the largest ward in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford and comprises several small, rural villages, surrounded by open countryside, including Dunham Massey Country Park.

The development of Bowdon as a residential area took off in the 1840s, with Bowdon railway station opening in 1849, providing a commuter route into the centre of Manchester.

By the 1860s and 1870s, the wealthy merchants were making their mark with the construction of handsome villas and mansions, such as those found along Green Walk.

Arkhi architects

Other Projects

We also undertake projects in other areas, in and around Bowdon and Greater Manchester.

The gallery below shows a selection of our projects.

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