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Commercial Projects

Zero Carbon, Zero Compromise. All Cool.

Leone Bar + Restaurant

The renovation introduced three unique character settings within the original structure, alongside a contemporary extension and outdoor terrace at the rear, which now houses a new bar and restaurant entrance. This addition offers private dining and meeting spaces for various events, featuring a fully glazed façade and large rooflights that ensure a bright, welcoming atmosphere. 

Radley's Live Music Venue

Arkhi updated the Grade II Listed Lion and Swan Hotel in Congleton for Pear Hospitality, transforming it into a hub with three unique venues. The renovation includes a new live music area on the lower ground, promoting local and national artists, accessible from West Street. This bar provides a late-night music scene with a cozy atmosphere, setting it apart from the hotel's more glamorously decorated venues.

The Ice Cream Farm

Arkhi partnered with The Ice Cream Farm to launch a drive-up Ice Cream experience near Chester, designed as a novel response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Set in a tranquil, landscaped area with a biodiverse pond, it offers a serene, nature-close alternative for visitors, contrasting with the lively main farm area.

Lion and Swan

Arkhi updated the Grade II Listed Lion and Swan Hotel in Congleton for Pear Hospitality, navigating the complexities of its listed status. The project transformed the building into three distinct venues, adding a cozy snug seating area with a bar on the ground floor, while maintaining its boutique hotel suites on the first floor.

Congleton Scout Hut

Arkhi is working with the 1st Congleton Scout Group on early concepts for a versatile new community space for Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts. We're addressing the current building's limitations to design a future-proof Scout Hut that includes spaces for potential income generation, supporting the group's long-term sustainability.

Prescot Town Hall

New Prescot Town Hall, offers a full-service package from architectural design to engineering consultancy. The ground floor now hosts a versatile public space with enhanced street-facing windows and a strategically placed main entrance for better community integration. Energy efficiency upgrades are included throughout.

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