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Personal Assistant

Since joining the team at Arkhi Architects in 2022, Danielle has brought a wealth of experience and a remarkable flair for organisation. Her academic journey culminated in obtaining a Law Degree from the University of Central Lancashire in 2011, setting the stage for a fruitful career in various solicitors' firms. In these roles, Danielle honed her skills in managing complex legal processes, showcasing her ability for effective communication and meticulous organisation.


Transitioning to Arkhi Architects marked a new chapter where her legal background and organisational prowess found fresh application. Danielle's role, while centred around personal assistance, extends beyond traditional boundaries. She plays a pivotal role in maintaining the smooth operation of creative and innovative processes at the firm, thanks to her exceptional organisational skills and keen attention to detail.


Outside work, Danielle's life is equally dynamic and fulfilling. As a mother of two, she skilfully balances the demands of parenting with her professional life, demonstrating exceptional time management and organisational capabilities. Her affection for her family and her cat adds depth to her personality, reflecting her nurturing side and her ability to maintain a harmonious work-life balance.


Danielle is not just a Personal Assistant at Arkhi Architects. She is a multifaceted professional whose expertise in legal matters, coupled with her innate talent for organisation, renders her an indispensable asset to any team. Her journey is a testament to her adaptability, commitment to excellence, and ability to flourish in diverse settings.

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