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Alderley Edge

20 George Street, Alderley Edge


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The Sorting House, 6 Mill Street,

Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1AB

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Why Arkhi? 
Because normal never changed the world.

At Arkhi Zero, we believe in standing out, not just fitting in. Our mission? To revolutionise how buildings impact the planet—one bold, energy-efficient design at a time. Forget what you know about architecture; we're here to flip the script.

Leading the charge in passive house design, we're not just participants in the conversation about sustainable living; we're the ones sparking it.

Choose Arkhi Zero, because 'normal' never made history. With us, your building project becomes a statement, a rebellion against the mundane, an ode to the planet. Together, let's build not just for today, but for a sustainable tomorrow.

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We're certified!

Proudly standing as Registered Certified Passive House Designers, our team embodies a bold commitment to sustainability that's recognised worldwide. This isn't just a title; it's a testament to our relentless pursuit of buildings that redefine comfort, energy efficiency, and architectural brilliance.

Through rigorous training, we've honed our craft to not just meet but exceed the standards of architectural excellence.


What does this mean for you? It means stepping into a home designed by Arkhi Zero catapults you to the forefront of sustainable living, where innovation breathes life into every corner.

It’s time to build with the planet's favourite architects.


With Arkhi Zero, you're not just planning a home; you're making a statement. Cool homes, cooler planet—that’s our promise. Because the future isn’t just bright; it's bold, it's sustainable, and it's undeniably Zero.

A few highlights from OUR portfolio

The Roost

Tasked with blending modernity with nature and comfort, the project focused on eco-friendly features and wildlife encouragement while navigating strict planning regulations.


The design features large windows for natural light and stunning views, a living roof attracting birds and insects, and rainwater-fed ponds enhancing the local ecosystem.


The Roost emerges as a testament to sustainable living, harmoniously integrating family and community gathering spaces within the breathtaking Moorlands landscape, embodying architectural innovation and environmental stewardship.

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Image Cloudhaus, external, day


Driven by a passion for contemporary and sustainable design, Matthew aimed to create the perfect family home that respectfully blends with the local Staffordshire Moorlands environment. Despite the innovative design and technology presenting new challenges for the local council, our expertise in sustainable architecture facilitated the project's approval.


Cloudhaus's construction journey, a testament to creativity and dedication, was featured on "Building the Dream," Series 4, Episode 2, showcasing the realization of Matthew's vision.

Brookmere Barns

Inspired by the site's heritage, we crafted a home merging a masonry farmhouse with a steel and concrete barn, designed in an L shape to enclose a traditional courtyard.


This design not only honours the land's past but also accommodates up to 20 guests, reflecting the couple's vibrant social circle. A glazed link connects the barn to the main house, allowing for energy-efficient closure when unused, showcasing a thoughtful blend of history, hospitality, and sustainability.


Ready To Collaborate?

Get in touch today and let’s see what we can build together.

We are more than happy to discuss any project, any size, at any time.


New Build

Arkhi Architects excels in creating innovative, bespoke new builds, meticulously designed to embody your unique vision. Leveraging our multidisciplinary team's expertise, we guide you through the journey from initial design consultation to the final construction.


With a decade-long track record of crafting distinctive, sustainable structures, Arkhi Architects is your trusted partner for exceptional new build projects.

Our future. Your future.
The planets future.

As we rocket into tomorrow, Arkhi Zero isn't just riding the wave of sustainable architecture; we're the ones making the waves. Our blueprint for the future? It's bold, it's green, and it's loaded with innovation so fresh, it might just make your head spin.

Think of us as your sustainable sidekick, turning every project into a dynamic duo of client and creator. We're embedding monitoring sensors in every nook and cranny, not because we love gadgets (okay, we do), but to ensure your home is performing like an eco-friendly superstar from day one to day done.

Our approach to lifecycle data isn't just unique; it's revolutionary. We're gathering intel on how your space lives and breathes, turning numbers into insights, and insights into action.

We're engaging with the community like never before, sparking dialogues, sharing sustainability secrets, and inspiring both the current and next generations of architects and earth lovers. Our mission? To turn everyone we meet into a sustainability superstar, one conversation at a time.


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