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Kerridge Crest


Contemporary replacement dwelling
Bollington, Cheshire East

Arkhi were appointed to create a replacement dwelling, on a site enjoying unobstructed views over the village from its elevated location.


Demolition of the existing structure allowed the development of a replacement contemporary three storey dwelling, intertwined with accessible passageways, and with a much more contextually considered design.


The design is sympathetic to the historical context in which the house sits, taking advantage of the surrounding views through specifically located large and unobstructed glazing panels, allowing the building to be flooded with consistent natural light.

Kerridge Crest
Kerridge Crest

The four bedrooms are all ensuite, designed in a linear arrangement to maximise daylighting potential, and to orientate the glazing towards the best of the outlying views.


The building will have two distinctive gabled portions at its extremes, and will be clad in local sandstone, in contrast to a flat roofed linking structure, which will be clad in black metal sheeting.


Stage 3 – Planning and Spatial Coordination.

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