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At what point in your project should you involve an Architect?

Redesigning your home, whether it just be working with the layout you already have or adding an extension (or indeed knocking it down and starting again!), can be quite a large and expensive project.

Involving an Architect from as early on in the process as possible can open up possibilities for your project that you hadn’t ever considered, particularly if you’re a bit unsure about what you want.

We review projects on a daily basis and create ways to help our clients get the most out of their homes, so involving us from the concept stage really can help the final outcome of your redesign.

Before we work with you to develop the chosen design, you can employ us to prepare a concept document for you, whereby we will work with you to explore different options for your project.

We are formally trained and have accumulated a vast amount of experience, so that we are able to consider each project on its own merit. We will carry out a contextual analysis, to identify both problem areas, and the best existing features of your home, for your specific site and home, in order to work out the best solution for you.

Take a look at the sketches below. They are all for the same house, with the same size of extension, but look how different design ideas have such an impact on the final design.

For this client, we prepared a series of precedent images, to help us really pinpoint their style preferences. Despite knowing approximately the location and size of their extension, seeing these sketches really helped them visualise what their home could look like, and opened them up to styles that they would not have otherwise considered.

For many clients they will have a clear idea what they want, but we do suggest that working with us at early stages, being open to new ideas and having a bit of flexibility can lead you on a path where you’ll end up with something better than you ever imagined.

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