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What do Structural Engineers do?

Structural engineers are the people responsible for making sure a building stands up by ensuring all the building loads (roof, floors, furniture, and people) are safely transferred towards the building foundations. Their task is primarily one of ensuring the health and safety of individuals working, living in, or in close proximity to the building. They manage the theoretic calculations for a building as well as inspections at the building site.

At what point should you involve a Structural Engineer?

If the changes you’re making to a structure could affect the stability of the property you’ll likely need a structural engineer. The initial stages of a project, the concept designs and the information suitable for a planning application can be handled by an architect. After planning permission has been obtained the technical drawing for a site will begin and it’s at this stage where a structural engineer may be required.

How much are the professional fees?

The cost of a structural engineer varies with the project and practice. Highly complex projects will require larger investments of time from a structural engineer. The estimated average cost for a structural engineer on a simple residential project is £800. The estimated cost for a structural engineer on a complex commercial or development project can be as large as £9000.

Structural Engineers and Planning Permission.

Structural engineers do not deal with planning officers. If you are seeking planning permission this will be handled by your architect or a private planning consultant if the circumstances involve more specific site constraints.

We involve Structural Engineers on all our projects where there is a reason to do so. Therefore, we’ve developed a network of trusted SE consultants who we liaise with through

If you would like to find out more or discuss your project with one of the Arkhi team, get in touch on 01260 540170 or drop us an email at


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