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It might be a surprise to know that an interior designer can make a big difference in the quality of a construction project. With the help of an interior designer, a unique space can be created that develops your vision while meeting your design requirements, making them a valuable asset, particularly if you are trying to create a space that genuinely relates to your clientele, business image, or location.

As architects we imagine the interiors of the spaces we create just as much as the outside and build in space to accommodate the many features of a property. Because of this we have a close relationship with interior designers when working on a project. Our most recent scheme was the Lion and Swan in Congleton which comprised three separate venues all with their own aesthetic personality. An interior designer was employed as a vital part of the design team to ensure the project aspirations were met. As the base for a lot of the project Arkhi often has all the spacial data which puts us in a position to coordinate your other contractors.

It's important to ask yourself how time, colour, and interior furnishings will impact upon the design of your development. It will be helpful to determine how each interior design relates to the overall scheme of your project and analyse your options for finishing off your development. This will save you time and money as the interior designer can help you visualise what the project will look like before its completion.

Once construction is complete, interior designers can help you develop your desired space by presenting products suitable for your needs. Because they will understand your specialised needs they can help make sure you're in keeping with the design scheme, considering factors such as light, space, and the overall coordination of the building. Typically, there will be a nominal charge for this service making it well worth it to have a consistent vision for your development.

With extensive experience in working with interior spaces at Arkhi, we are able to liaise with interior designer consultants to ensure your development scheme is realised to its full potential – and matches your vision! If you would like to find out more or discuss your project with one of the Arkhi team, get in touch on 01260 540170 or drop us an email at

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