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Top Tips for Creating a Beautiful Low Maintenance Garden

Long Lasting and Durable Materials

A few years ago it was on trend to install new timber decking but this has come to be replaced with alternatives like plastic composites or metals. This is largely in part to the amount of maintenance they actually require. Come springtime decks require thorough scrubbing to break up ingrained dirt and algae. Using robust materials that don’t degrade quickly means that you’ll spend more time enjoying your garden, and less time working to keep it looking its best.

Maintenance free soft landscaping

A garden in my eyes isn’t complete without a variety of plants. During your trip to the garden center however try not to give into the temptation to fill your cart with too many species. Limiting the variety of plants that you grow will help you remember the care requirements for each one. To frame your flowering plants use a good ground covering perennial that will help you suppress weeds, periwinkle and ajuga are my preferred choices, and plant shrubs like forsythia and yew in the back to make your garden feel full but minimize the care it’ll require.

Don’t cut your grass

With campaigns such as No Mow May, letting your grass grow long has become extremely fashionable in recent years. Clipped areas help to keep a manicured look. Give this a go. Its easy, and the biodiversity of your garden will flourish as a result.

Love Containers

Container planting is a really simple way to transform your garden almost instantly. It offers flexible growing opportunities that are easier to adapt to a space than traditional beds. While these plants have less access to moisture and nutrients if you use larger pots they won’t don’t dry out as quickly and for longevity feed the soil with slow-release fertilizers or liquid feed. Do all this and container gardens can look amazing and require little maintenance.

We hope some of the options here help you make the most of your garden. Oh and in case you're looking for architects we do that too. If you have a scheme you'd like to discuss with our team, get in touch on 01260 540170 or drop us an email at


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