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Sugar Cottage


Residential remodelling and landscaping
Adlington, Cheshire East

At Arkhi, we have worked closely with the clients to develop a proposal that brings this period cottage into today's standards of living. The proposal includes an internal reconfiguration of spaces and external landscaping.


A new porch structure will provide a key focal point on the principal elevation and help to identify the formal entry point to the dwelling.


Internally, the entrance hall will be enlarged and will feature a new floating staircase and double height void space. Underused rooms on the first level will be reconfigured into a large master suite with ensuite bathroom and external terrace area.

Sugar Cottage
Sugar Cottage

Externally, a dilapidated courtyard space will be transformed to take advantage of the morning sun. Large stone tiles will create a stepping-stone-like circulation route through a shallow reflection pool.


Along with the driveway extension to facilitate additional parking, general landscaping will re-ground the building in its rural context.


Adjacent to the cottage, an existing outbuilding currently without purpose, has proposals being developed to refurbish the structure to become a lake house, complete with utility spaces and wrap around glazing. The Lake House will take full advantage of the vista over the lake to the north, with the proposed communal areas being positioned to enjoy these spectacular views.


Stage 5 – Manufacturing and Construction.

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