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Swallow Cottage

Space Heating

Accessible contemporary new-build
Preston, Lancashire

In collaboration with our sister company Arkhi Care, we designed a single level family home for our clients that would satisfy the needs of one of their children. They were living with health conditions that led to the use of a wheelchair as a mobility aid. It was important to the family that we create a space that was functional but retained the feel of a cosy, modern home. We made the space easy to navigate by incorporating a wide and centrally positioned corridor which traverses the entire length of the house, with a central glazed courtyard to make the space feel bright but private. 


The house makes use of open plan living accommodation in order to enable easier movement through the rooms, whilst generous amounts of glazing maximises the natural light and increases the connections with outdoor family spaces.The contemporary beach hut style was achieved by horizontally cladding the whole house in a sustainable composite cladding system.


Stage 5 – Manufacture and Construction.

Willow Cottage
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