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The Roost

Immersion heater

Barn conversion, with contemporary design
Staffordshire Moorlands

The Roost was a barn conversion project Arkhi undertook in the North Staffordshire Greenbelt. We immediately knew that getting permission for development within this area would involve a fine balance between making  the changes we wanted and maintaining the local countryside. This and our clients desire for bright natural spaces influenced our designs to include windows scaled to agricultural proportions that offered views of the surrounding landscape as well as making the internal spaces bright and airy. Our first proposal involved a living roof to attract nesting birds, locally sourced sandstone for the extension, and bee bricks along the southern façade to encourage insect habitation. 

Outside Bench
Arkhi Raven House

Through the planning process some of these ideas were whittled down to fit the regulations. Our living roof was replaced with one that collected rainwater for two ponds. This insect habitat and the new hedgerow better encouraged nesting birds. Wildflowers and grass meadow combined with conventional bee houses replaced our idea for bee bricks and provided a less intrusive and more abundant wildlife habitat. Rather than using sandstone we retained the agricultural feel by using a steel standing seam wall which neatly tied together The Roost’s zones and fulfilled the strict requirements of it’s Greenbelt location. 

The inside of the dwelling consists of a series of zones. . The first of these zones is the entrance to the house, also containing the garage and plant room. The second, and largest of the zones contains an open plan kitchen/study area and two of the dwellings three bedrooms. The third is the master bedroom suite at the house’s highest level, and at its lowest is the fourth zone which contains a large living area.

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