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Victor House

Passive Ventilation
Space Heating

Sympathetic restoration, renovation and extension, Prestbury, Cheshire East

This project presented the opportunity for the Arkhi team to display many of their conservation skills as the architects for this Prestbury project.

As with many old buildings, the team had no idea what to expect until they peeled back the 300+ year old Stewart-era walls to bare brick, exposing the surprisingly ramshackle existing masonry. The team on site had to be careful to prop the entire structure as they worked to reconstitute the masonry, patching and strengthening nearly every wall in the building. 

The cottage now provides ample off-road parking and charging space for electric vehicles. 

The ground floor has been opened up to enable an open plan living/dining/kitchen arrangement, with a separate ‘cinema room’ and home office. Upstairs, the layout of bathrooms and bedrooms was reconfigured to modern standards and current regulations.

Victor House
Victor House

The general security of the walls and now straightened roof have expanded the lifespan of the building while restoring the building's original appearance by reusing as much of the existing masonry and stone roof tiles as possible. In addition, every masonry joint was repointed in lime mortar to safeguard the future appearance of the building. Further to this,  the leaky timber existing windows were replaced with ‘conservation appropriate’ double glazing, the external walls were lined with insulated plasterboard and the roof was fully insulated to substantially improve the building's energy efficiency.

Stage 7 – Handover

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