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Introducing Chester, our Chief Barkitect at Arkhi, who's more than just a mascot—he's the spirit of our studio. Since he joined, Chester has been an indispensable part of our team, contributing to a lively and dynamic office atmosphere.

With a natural instinct for innovation and a keen sense of when it's time to play or get down to business, Chester adds a unique energy to our workspace. He's here for the crucial tasks: offering support through enthusiastic tail wags, reminding us to take breaks with a nudge for a quick game, and generally keeping morale high.

Chester's not just about fun and games; he's a reminder of the importance of balance and well-being in a creative environment. Off-duty, he's passionate about his naps, enjoys a good piece of cheese, and never misses a chance to chase squirrels, teaching us all a thing or two about living in the moment.

Chief Barkitect + Professional snoozer

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