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Arkhi Architects is a dynamic and forward-thinking practice, that has been specializing in bespoke architectural design since 2010. Our goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces that they spend most of their time in.


We have been sharing our expertise and creativity with private clients for many years, producing some impressive new-build homes, barn conversions and transformation extensions. We build wealth through property. Arkhi Architects has undergone the process to become a RIBA chartered practice. The Royal Institute for British Architects has spent the last 188 years working for the advancement of Architectural sciences. It ensures its members have the knowledge and skills required for excellence and serves as a benchmark for architects across the United Kingdom and abroad.

When we take on a project here at Arkhi, we create a structure with a start to finish solution and our multi-disciplinary professionals can guide you through the process.

Here at Arkhi, we believe that all design should be sustainable and innovative and therefore we strive to build bespoke homes using a combination of energy-efficient technologies, renewable materials and innovative solutions.

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sustainable materials

sustainable construction

sustainable living

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Our FAQs

Free Consultation

A member of Outdoor Illumination’s staff will meet with you to evaluate the site and establish your lighting goals.

Lighting Design

Outdoor Illumination will design a comprehensive lighting system for your residence or place of business. The system will be designed utilizing the best equipment from leading outdoor lighting manufactures providing the best elements for your custom lighting system.

A formal quote will be developed listing all proposed equipment, an installation plan, and a complete list of services being offered.

System Installation

Every system installation is broken down into three elements: Transformer/Controller, Fixtures, and Wiring.

First, the Transformer/Controller will be installed in an agreed upon location and the transformer will be energized and tested for proper voltage output.

Second, the lighting fixtures will be placed in their design locations.

Third, the proper gauge cabling will be run from the transformer to the fixtures following the design plan. Extra cabling will be maintained at each fixture to allow for adjustments now and in the future.

Finally, the system will be energized, a visual inspection of all fixtures will be conducted, and voltage will be tested at key points.

Fine Tuning

As a part of the System turnover, a final walk-through after dark will be conducted with the owner. Final adjustments will be made to fixtures to ensure the desired lighting effects are achieved.

System Support

All Outdoor Illumination systems come with a one-year onsite service plan, at no additional charge. This is followed by manufacturer’s warranties that range from 3 years to limited life-time.

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