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The team to deliver your dream

At Arkhi Zero, we're redefining what it means to be architects. Here, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's our foundation. We're a crew of Certified Passive House Designers who believe in blending bold, innovative designs with a commitment to the environment.

The mission:

To revolutionise how buildings impact the planet—one bold, energy-efficient design at a time.

Born from a passion against the ordinary, Arkhi Zero isn't just an architecture firm, it's a movement.


We're a collective of designers driven by a shared vision: to reshape the world of architecture with sustainability at its core. Our story began in 2010, fueled by the ambition of a small team with a big dream.


Today, we stand proudly as Certified Passive House Designers, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, resilience, and eco-friendly excellence.

We don't just design buildings, we craft solutions. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge design with green principles, creating spaces that not only captivate the eye but leave a lasting positive impact on both people and the planet.

Choosing Arkhi Zero means partnering with architects who are passionate about creating your stunning, energy-efficient building.


We push boundaries with our eco-forward designs, reducing energy use for smarter living spaces.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Six Energy Experts. - Six trailblasers certified to change the game. We don’t just meet standards; we redefine them for a greener tomorrow.​

  • Five Architects - Five masterminds with over a decade at Arkhi, crafting spaces that are as innovative as they are inspiring.

  • Four Design packages - Whether you're after basic guidance or the full spectrum of our architectural and sustainable expertise.

  • Three Award winners - Three-time champions of the Northern Design Awards because ordinary just isn’t in our vocabulary.

  • Two Cheshire Offices - Our offices embody our ethos: impactful design with minimal carbon , proving that great things come in small footprints.

  • One Mission - One mission to revolutionise building for the better. We're not just in the game; we're changing it.

  • Zero carbon - Zero compromise on our carbon promise. We design spaces that don’t just stand out; they stand up for the planet

What are our accreditations?

  • Being a RIBA Registered Architecture Practice signifies a firm's commitment to excellence and professionalism in architecture, recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects. This status confirms that the practice adheres to strict standards of quality, ethics, and continuous professional development, as set by the RIBA. It also means the practice is dedicated to providing the highest level of design and service, aligning with RIBA’s best practice criteria. Clients choosing a RIBA Registered Practice can expect a high level of expertise, integrity, and professional service in their architectural projects.

  • Being an ARB Registered Architect means you are officially recognised by the Architects Registration Board in the UK. This registration confirms that you've met strict standards of education, experience, and professionalism in architecture. ARB registered architects are legally entitled to use the title "Architect" in the UK and are bound by the Board's standards for conduct and practice, ensuring they deliver high-quality Architectural services.

  • A Certified Passive House Designer is trained to create highly energy-efficient and comfortable buildings. This expertise ensures buildings use very little energy for heating and cooling, helping the environment and reducing costs. Certified designers know how to make homes that stay warm in winter and cool in summer, providing a better living space for everyone.

What we can deliver for you


Energy reduction

Our sustainable designs at Arkhi Zero lead to a remarkable 90% savings on energy bills, putting more money back in your pocket while being kind to the planet.


Higher capital value

Embracing the eco-revolution pays off, with low-energy homes not just slashing bills but also packing a higher capital punch—expect a value surge of about 5-7%.


Morgage discount

Owning a low-energy or passive home can potentially lower your mortgage rates, making eco-friendly living not just a lifestyle choice but a smart financial decision too.

BIG IMPACT. little footprint.

At Arkhi Zero, we focus on what we can do for you. Imagine a home that's beautiful and good for the planet.

With our help, your dream of a green, energy-saving home comes true. We don't just build houses; we craft homes that fit your lifestyle perfectly, making sure they're comfortable and have a low impact on the environment. Choose Arkhi Zero for a home that saves on energy bills, is healthier to live in, and is a smart investment for the future. Let's create a better tomorrow, together.

Who is going to support you on your journey

Founder,  Architect

+ Passive House Designer

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Senior Architect

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Project Architect

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Senior Architect

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Architectural Assistant

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Project Architect

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Non-Exec Director

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