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Arkhi Architects is a dynamic and forward-thinking practice, that has been specialising in bespoke architectural design since 2010. Our goal is to enhance the way in which, people interact with the spaces, that they spend most of their time in.

We have been sharing our expertise and creativity with private clients for many years, producing some impressive new-build homes, barn conversions and transformational extensions. We build wealth through property.

When we take on a project here at Arkhi, we create a structure with a start to finish solution and our multi-disciplinary professionals can guide you through the process.


we believe that all design should be sustainable and innovative.

Here at Arkhi, we believe that all design should be sustainable and innovative and therefore we strive to build bespoke homes using a combination of energy-efficient technologies, renewable materials and innovative solutions.

sustainable architecture

sustainable materials

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01 | What sectors does Arkhi work within?

We have considerable experience across residential, commercial, land development, disability & healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Many of our designs focus on sustainable design and our creative team works with private clients, developers, business and more. Find out more about Arkhi’s Sectors and Services. At Arkhi, we don’t just save you money, we make value!

02 | At what point in my project should I involve an Architect?

You should start looking for an Architect as soon as you decide you want to embark on planning your project. Involving an Architect early-on can help you avoid costly missteps. Architects provide important pre-design services including site evaluations, as well as helping you explore design options you may not have considered.

03 | How far would Arkhi travel for a project?

We are based in Congleton, Cheshire, in the North West of the UK. However, we work across the region and have been engaged on project as far as Leeds, Surrey and North West Wales.

04 | What happens during our initial meeting?

In the initial consultation (which is free of charge) one of our Project Architects will either come to visit you at the development site or engage with you over a virtual consultation to discuss your project requirements in more detail. After the initial consultation, we will liaise with you to ensure you are satisfied to develop the brief. This usually includes a series of concept design workshops as well as discussions around your project budget and construction timescales.

05 | How are fees worked out?

Fairly! At Arkhi, we work out your fees depending on your specific project requirements. Some projects are best worked out on an hourly rate, some with a fixed fee, or some with a percentage fee. Use our Fee Calculator for a basic indication but its best to get in touch for a detailed and tailored quote.

06 | What other professionals might I need?

Every project has different requirements that are specific to the brief and development site. We will advise of any other consultants that you may require, for example, an ecologist or structural engineer.

07 | What is my role in the design process?

Its crucial you communicate your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget. Keeping the project on track will depend on your timely response to questions and design submissions. It is also important you raise any concerns as your project develops so that they can be addressed in earlier stages. Developing this partnership is important to us at Arkhi because everything that we do is to achieve the vision established by you, the client.

08 | What are the stages of work that you follow?

As a registered and charactered practice, Arkhi follows the RIBA Plan of Work 2020 which you can download here. Find out more about the Arkhi Design Process.

09 | Does Arkhi work with Listed Buildings?

The short answer – yes! We have considerable experience in dealing with listed building and projects in conservation areas. To find out more about Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas, read our forum post.

10 | What is a Lawful Development Certificate?

To clarify, this is not retrospective planning permission. Issued by the Local Planning Authority (LPA), a Lawful Development Certificate is used to regularise unauthorised development and prevent enforcement action being taken. It is a legal document that states the lawfulness of past, present or future development.

11 | Planning permission, what do I need to know?

Planning Permission (or Express Permission) is crucial part of your construction journey. This where you seek approval to enable you to carry out development. Development includes demolition, rebuilding, structural alterations of or addition to building, or other operations normally undertaken by a person carrying on business as a builder (Town and Country Planning Act, 1990).

As well as formal planning application, permitted development can also allow development to be undertaken within certain conditions and parameters as outlined in the Order of Permitted Development 2015. Prior Approval also allow additional development under Permitted Development route. These options can be discussed with your architect depending on your specific project requirements.

Find out more about Arkhi’s advice when it comes to Permitted Development and the Planning Application Process Explained.

12 | Once I have planning permission, can I start building?

Gaining planning permission is a large achievement and usually takes around 8-10 weeks (or even more) so it is best to apply early. Once permission is granted, there is a one more final step – building regulations and detailed design. This is the point we involve a Building Inspector and develop a set of detailed drawings so your builder can bring your project to life. You may need to also consider other services at this stage such as a structural engineer’s input or party wall surveyor – we can help organise and liaise with other professional services on your behalf at Arkhi.

13 | What is the difference between planning permission and building regulation approvals?

Planning Permission covers principles of assessing development in conjunction with national and local polices as you are seeking permission to enable you to carry out development. Building Regulation covers structural aspects of the development as you are seeking to have the detail of your design approved for compliance with the standards of construction.

14 | How can I check an Architect is genuine?

You can find a list of architects on the Architect Registration Board (ARB) or with the Royal institute of British Architects (RIBA). ARB is a statutory regulator set up by an Act of Parliament in 1997 to maintain a public Register of architects. To be listed, you must be an architect and there is a professional code of conduct to follow.

15 | Where do I begin?

It would be great to hear from you! Get in touch or give us a call at 01260 540170 to speak to a member of our friendly team who can discuss you project in more detail. Following this, we will book you in for an initial consultation (which is free of charge) with one of our Project Architects, who will either come to visit you at the development site or engage with you over a virtual consultation to discuss your project requirements in more detail.