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Arkhi offers a modern approach to architectural design focusing on custom or bespoke designs. We have been sharing our expertise and creativity with private clients for many years, producing some impressive new-build homes, barn conversions and transformation extensions. We build wealth through property. Our goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces that they spend most of their time in.

RIBA Chartered Practice

Arkhi has been a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects since 2014. 

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In line with our modern perspective Arkhi has come to include eco-progressive techniques in many of our designs. These often make use of a site's natural resources and landscape to save on energy bills and save the environment.

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First steps

The first stages, 0-1, involve a project meeting where we discuss the scope of your project. We usually visit your site to discuss your aspirations for the project, this also allows us to review the site's potential, and its constraints.


The trained eyes of our architects can help solidify a vision for a site by taking the time to measure, assess, and get to know a space. Before putting pen to paper, we will also discuss your anticipated budget to ensure it correlates with your aspirations.

sketch of a design meeting over coffee and tea
sketch of a concept design workshop

What comes next?

Stage 2 is the concept design phase. By this point the lead architect on your project will have a good knowledge of your site. It’s time to put pen to paper. We have varied options for how we can carry out your project and through the use of CAD software we will show you the different ways a site can be developed.


And you will be there every step of the way.

And then?

In the next stage we test and analyse the concept designs, refining them until they pass the engineering and building regulation requirements. This ensures that our design guarantees the health and safety of people in or around the building. This is necessary to help us secure planning permission later. 


To keep the design looking how you want it we can produce new 3D renders of the designs or even 3D print some of them. 

Sketch of an office computer submitting planning permission
Sketch of a technical drawing

And then???

For us, stage 4 is the most intensive, as we produce the technical drawings that will make your project reality. These lay out in great detail how a building is to be constructed, what materials will be used, who will construct the different areas of it, and where on our project site it will be based. A range of professionals are required to make this go smoothly and we can manage as much or as little of this as you want. 

Almost there...

Stage 5 represents the culmination of all our planning. While beginning construction may feel daunting, Arkhi will continue to guide you even after the drawings are complete. With contractors now on site we keep the lines of communication open so you are always in the loop.

A sketch of a construction meeting
A sketch of a handshake

Last Steps...

It’s alive, IT’S ALIVE! Construction is complete and all that's left before you pocket the keys is an inspection of the final works. Hard hats on, we head to the site to make sure everything is in order. We might even have time for a cup of tea, you can choose the biscuits. 

The Honeymoon

I remember my honeymoon, bright sun, warm Turkish sands, finally free from in-laws… Till they showed up next monday. Arkhi wouldn’t buy a new van without a test drive so for us stage 7 is checking in now that the buildings are in use. Contractors have a big job, no judgement, things will go wrong and Arkhi will be on hand to call the plumbers back if the water pressure is too low. 

A drawing of a checklist
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