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Jessica Ruffler

Jessica is a consummate architect, carrying the prestigious RIBA accreditation with a rich professional history of twenty years. Her expertise has been honed within the specialised sectors of healthcare and residential design, where her commitment to creating spaces that are both healing and habitable has distinguished her portfolio.

At the helm of ArchitectFolk Ltd. as the principal architect, Jessica has guided her team to distinguished acclaim, instilling a spirit of innovation and meticulousness within the practice. Her expertise is not confined to the drafting table; it extends into strategic partnerships, notably with Arkhi , where her adept knowledge of architectural matters is of paramount importance.

Jessica approaches her architectural endeavours with a blend of systematic precision and deep-seated empathy, ensuring that each venture is intimately aligned with the needs of its users. Her seasoned background is particularly evident in adaptation projects, where her proficiency shines. From the inception of a brief, formulated through close dialogue with clients and healthcare experts, to the oversight of design and the project's culmination, her guidance is synonymous with exceptional outcomes.

Architect + Certified Passive House Designer

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