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Arkhi Zero Services

At Arkhi Zero, we partner with our clients to create buildings that are not just spaces to inhabit but are active contributors to a cooler, more sustainable planet.

What we can do for you?

Our PHPP service is the backbone of our sustainable design philosophy. This comprehensive tool allows us to predict the energy efficiency of your project with precision, ensuring that every aspect of the design contributes to a minimal environmental footprint.

PHPP (Passive House Design Package)

Leveraging Design PH/BIM, we craft your project in a virtual environment, allowing for unparalleled precision in sustainable and architectural design.

This approach not only enhances design quality but also streamlines the construction process.

Design PH / BIM 

Airtightness is crucial for energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our airtightness modelling predicts how well your building will perform, identifying potential leaks and proposing solutions to ensure your space is comfortable, healthy, and cost-effective to heat and cool.

Airtightness Modelling

Arkhi Zero can guide your project to achieve Passive House Certification, a globally recognized standard for energy efficiency. This certification not only signifies your commitment to environmental stewardship but also enhances the value and performance of your property.

Passive House Certification

What sets us apart?

Passive House Vs EnerPHit

What does it all actually mean?

Passive House is a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, resulting in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for heating or cooling, creating a highly comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Passive House

EnerPHit is a certification standard for the energy retrofit of existing buildings, ensuring they meet high energy efficiency and comfort levels similar to new Passive House constructions, making older structures more sustainable and comfortable to live in.



The perfect starting point for your sustainable project journey. Designed for those at the very beginning of their architectural adventure, Zero offers a no-strings-attached meeting and site visit, complete with a fee proposal and a detailed project outline. It's your chance to explore the possibilities without commitment, ensuring your project starts on the right foot.

Zero includes - 

  • Personal meeting and site visit from our team of sustainable design experts.

  • Receive a tailored fee proposal and project outline.


Early involvement ensures we can guide your project towards Passive House or Low Energy standards efficiently, saving time and avoiding extra costs. With experience across private and commercial sectors, including work with local councils, housing associations, and educational institutions, we're ready to help achieve your low energy goals.

Classic includes Zero, and -

Product and material specification assistance for costing.

Communication with the design team throughout the project

  • Consultation on the sustainable methods.

  • PHPP Modelling.

  • Design PH (BIM modeling).

  • Thermal bridging assessment.


We offer comprehensive end-to-end architecture and design services, ideal for those seeking to bypass intermediaries and directly harness our sustainability expertise. From initial conception to project completion, we meticulously ensure every phase, prioritises the highest sustainable standards. ​


Plus includes Zero, Classic, and - ​


  • Project financial / budget assessment.

  • Concept design.

  • Feasibility studies / pre-planning assistance.

  • Preparation of planning applications.

  • Creation of detailed construction drawings, and Building Control documentation.

  • Sourcing and vetting contractors and consultants within a tender period. 

  • Administration of the contract.

  • Project management while the build is on site.

  • Full NBS specification for management of building quality. 


Opt for our Premium service for an all-encompassing approach that leaves nothing to the imagination, and leaves you with an exceptional end result. This is where your highest aspirations meet our broadest expertise, delivering a project that exceeds expectations on every level, from energy efficiency to aesthetic appeal. 

Plus includes Zero, Classic, Plus and - ​

  • Integration of kitchen design.

  • Interior design. 

  • CGI visuals.

  • VR Integration.

  • Landscaping design.

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