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Brookmere Barns

Immersion Heater

Contemporary redevelopment of  a traditional farmstead
Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands

As a part new-build scheme, Brookmere Barns will sit nestled in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands countryside.


Following the existing builds falling into a state of disrepair, Arkhi were appointed to design a bespoke, high quality, new development that will be an asset to the Moorlands and a home for the clients.


The proposed dwelling is set back from the public highway to take advantage of the uninterrupted views of the surrounding Staffordshire countryside. Already a quiet country road, the vegetation bordering the road to the south of the site screens most of the site from the public creating a strong feeling of privacy.


The new dwelling will be formed by three key elements: the existing barn to be converted, a new-build dwelling, and a ‘link building’ bringing the two larger building masses together.

Brookmere Barns
Brookmere Barns

Due to the rural context of the site, innovative design and sustainability were key drivers of the project. Along with a ground source heat pump, SIPs will be used for the construction of the new build to reduce on-site waste and reduce the embodied carbon in comparison to traditional building materials and processes.


The site is also home to a variety of fauna including owls and bats. Careful provisions are being made to preserve the local biodiversity through tree surgeries and enhancements to the existing habitats.


Stage 5 – Manufacturing and Construction.

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