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The planet's favourite Architects

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We are on a mission to support you in your desire for a more sustainable lifestyle, without compromising on the quality + design of buildings.

Here's how we do it with you.

Six Energy Experts.

Proudly standing as Registered Certified Passive House Designers,  a bold commitment to reducing your energy bills. 

Five Qualified Architects.

With over a decade at Arkhi, we craft spaces with you that are as innovative as they are inspiring.

Four Design packages.

Whether you're after basic guidance or the full spectrum of our architectural and sustainable expertise.

Three Award winners.

Three-time champions of the Northern Design Awards because ordinary just isn’t in our vocabulary.

Two Cheshire Offices.

Our offices embody our ethos: impactful design with minimal carbon , proving that great things come in small footprints.

One Mission.

Our mission is to revolutionise building for the better. We're not just in the game; we're changing it with our clients. 

Zero carbon.

Zero compromise on our carbon promise. We design spaces that don’t just stand out; they save you money.

Come and say hi!

Passive House Vs EnerPHit

What does it all actually mean?

Passive House is a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building. Resulting in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for heating or cooling, creating a highly comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Passive house design can save you up to 90% in energy compared to a standard building.

Passive House

EnerPHit is a certification standard for the energy retrofit of existing buildings, ensuring they meet high energy efficiency and comfort levels similar to new Passive House constructions, making older structures more sustainable and comfortable to live in.

ENerPHit design can save you up to 70% in energy compared to a standard building.


Comfort without cost:

Think of insulation as your home's super-cozy, energy-saving blanket. We're not just stuffing walls with fluff; we're strategically wrapping your place to keep it toasty.


A view without the draft: 

Our triple-glazed windows are the unsung heroes of energy efficiency. They're engineered to maintain your home's warmth or coolness, acting as a barrier against energy loss.


Keep your heat where it belongs: Our approach ensures your home is perfectly sealed. Every gap is meticulously closed to lock in warmth, reducing your energy consumption significantly. 


Banishing mould and damp:

These pesky intruders can ruin your cozy vibe. We outsmart them with design a so clever, it eliminates cold spots, ensuring your insulation's hard work doesn’t go to waste.


A breath of fresh air:

With our homes sealed tight, we introduce our secret weapon: Heat Recovery. It's like giving your house lungs, constantly refreshing the air without losing heat. 



But what does it mean for you?
It means you get to save money on your energy costs.

Why Arkhi Zero?

Because Normal Never Changed the World

Your ambition is our driving force. We will support you on your journey and create beautiful spaces that align perfectly with your lifestyle and desires.


You can truly be rid of those high running costs with our help. We can put you in control of how your building functions. It's peace of mind, with the proven building performance data behind it.


We'd love to talk to you about how you can invest in your property instead of giving your money away to the energy companies. And crucially, see a proven return on your investment

Who said eco-friendly cant be sexy? 

Take a look at the project's we have worked on in collaboration with our clients.

The Roost

Arkhi  transformed a North Staffordshire stable into a pioneering eco-residence blending modern design with nature. Incorporating eco-friendly elements and wildlife support, the project navigated strict regulations to feature large windows, a living roof, and rainwater ponds, epitomising sustainable living in the Moorlands.

Brookmere Barns

For a retired couple seeking to downsize, we designed a home that merges a masonry farmhouse with a steel and concrete barn in an L shape, surrounding a traditional courtyard. This design, accommodates up to 20 guests, honouring its heritage while incorporating modern sustainability, featuring a glazed link for energy efficiency and reflecting the couple's sociable lifestyle.

What Our Clients Say

“Unexpectedly low energy consumption is a result of the SIPs construction, ASHP and UFH. The energy performance of the completed building exceeds that predicted by the SAP studies..”

Brookmere Barns

“It was their genuine passion, energy and professionalism that really sold us, we made our decision within the first ten minutes of meeting them, we just knew that we had found the company for our project.”

Cressington Hall

"The resulting design is everything we could have hoped for and more - constructed on time, and on budget, despite the pandemic, Suez canal blockage and Brexit! We now have a light, warm, super energy-efficient house, which has also increased wildlife habitat and looks beautiful. Everything a new home should be."

The Roost

Welcome to the heart of Arkhi Zero—our team. With a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of architecture, we're not just designing homes; we're crafting a better way of living.

Founder,  Architect

+ Passive House Designer

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Senior Architect

+ Passive House Designer

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Project Architect

+ Passive House Designer

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Senior Architect

+ Passive House Designer

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In 2012, Matthew Lewis initiated Cloudhaus, transforming a caravan site into a sustainable, contemporary home in Staffordshire Moorlands. Facing and overcoming council challenges with innovative design, the project's journey to fruition, emblematic of dedication and creativity, was highlighted in "Building the Dream," Series 4, Episode 2.

Zero carbon. 

Zero compromise.

Architects who partner with our clients to make a real difference!

Our Expertise

As Certified Passive House Designers, our commitment to sustainability sets a new industry standard, ensuring your project is a testament to eco-friendly design.  Our certification is more than just a title—it's a pledge to push the boundaries.

Our Purpose

We promise to be relentless in our pursuit of sustainable perfection, delivering not just buildings, but eco-friendly living. With every project, we guarantee to not only meet our client's dreams but to exceed them, all while keeping the planet cool. 

Our Mission

To revolutionise how buildings impact the planet—one bold, energy-efficient design at a time.  Leading the charge in low-energy design, we're not just participants in the conversation about sustainable living; we're sparking it with our clients. 

Our Promise

To leave the planet cooler than we found it, one innovative building at a time. We merge striking design with sustainability, creating spaces that are not just beautiful, but also beacons of energy efficiency that save our clients money. 

Architectural Assistant

+ Passive House Designer

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Project Architect

+ Passive House Designer

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Non-Exec Director

    Chief Barkitect

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